Fun Things to Do In Chestnut Hill

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Fun Things to Do In Chestnut Hill

Fun Things to Do In Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is beautiful residential neighborhood located in Northwest Philadelphia. Although the area is extremely wealthy, it is also a charming retreat with dozens of activities and sites to offer. 

Whether you are looking for exclusive shopping locations or some of the best fine dining in Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill has everything you need. In this post, we look at some of the things to do in the town.

Fine Dining 

Chestnut Hill is home to some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia, offering an array of fine dining experiences for both locals and visitors. The culinary diversity in the town is also outstanding. 

So if you are looking to challenge your taste buds with faraway cuisines or just indulge in a local and familiar staple, Chestnut Hill has some amazing restaurants to take care of you.


Germantown Avenue at the heart of Chestnut Hill Town is the main central location for annual events.  There are two main Chestnut Hill events to look forward to each year. The first one is the Home & Garden Festival. If you love gardening or the allure of beautiful flowers and blossoms, then you will enjoy this festival. 

Chestnut Hill also hosts the Fall for the Arts Festival. This is a fun day for art lovers. It features stunning art displays, music, and culinary experiences too. The event normally takes place in September.

Woodmere Art Museum

For people who love exhibitions of art, the Woodmere Art Museum is an excellent place to visit. Located at the heart of Chestnut Hill, the museum offers an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, and prints. 

It is also one of the most exciting places to acquaint yourself with Philadelphia’s history and get in touch with the city’s soul. The museum also hosts several music events all year round including breathtaking Jazz nights every Friday. It should be a perfect stop to relax and learn something about the city.

Directions from Woodmere Art Museum to Baker Street Bread Co. Cafe & Bakery

Wissahickon Valley Park 

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Or perhaps you are fascinated by the allure of nature and sprawling waterfalls? Well, if the answer is yes, then the Wissahickon Valley Park will be a heaven for you. 

Even though the park is not technically located in Chestnut Hill, it is easily accessible from the town. The park sits on a 2, 042-acre piece of land in Northwest Philadelphia. It features several hiking trails and rivers too with an array of birds as well. 

Located right in the middle of the park is Valley Green Inn, a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. Situated right next to the river it’s perfect for taking wedding photos and for a nice outdoor ambiance.


Chestnut Hill is also a great destination for shopping. Its independent galleries and boutiques offer the perfect shopping experience for both locals and visitors. Chestnut Hill is already a high income and high-end town. Its shopping experience is geared towards people with a taste for finer things. 

There are over 125 retailers in the city, where you can pop in and shop till you drop. From designer clothes and shoes to memorabilia, the city has an excellent variety of products for anyone.

After a long day of shopping come stop by Bakers St Bread Co., Philadelphia’s first artisan bread bakery & cafe and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Follow us on social media!

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