What To Look For in a Wholesale Bread Supplier

What To Look For in a Wholesale Bread Supplier

If you own a restaurant, grocery store, or other food establishment, you may buy your bread from a wholesale bakery or distributor. Bread is a staple in a wide variety of foods and diets, and the quality of your bread can seriously impact your overall meal.

If you buy your bread from a wholesale bakery or are in the market for a bread wholesaler, you should know what to look for before you commit.


Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale Bread

Before you choose a wholesale bakery, consider these essential elements to ensure that you get the best possible product for your business.


The first and foremost thing to consider when buying bread wholesale is, of course, the quality. You need to know that you’re feeding customers the best possible product, and you don’t want your menu to be negatively impacted by lower quality bread.

You can look for quality in a few places. One is the flavor of the bread, of course. If you find a wholesale bakery with low prices but the bread tastes dull or even bad, it’s not worth the savings.

Ingredients are important when it comes to bread. Baked goods like bread depend on chemical reactions to create the right texture, so high quality ingredients are important to ensure the product turns out correctly. Ask your wholesaler about the ingredients they use in their bread.

Another element that affects quality is the freshness of the bread. Your bread should always be fresh, especially if you’re buying wholesale and in bulk, since it may not be served right away. A bakery that tries to sell you stale bread is not the right one for your business.

Products Offered

What products do you need? Some bakeries may not offer exactly what you’re looking for, or they may not have the variety of products you need. Figure out the entire list of bread products you need for your establishment and look for suppliers that can provide the whole list. Going to one supplier for sandwich buns and another for table rolls is not effective nor efficient.


Balancing cost and quality can be tricky. Businesses have a budget to stick to, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. Buying wholesale over retail will cut down on markup costs, but price is still an important factor to look at.

Consider how much you can afford to spend and compare prices from a few different wholesale bakeries. Great bread may cost a little more, but it may be worth it if the bread seriously impacts your restaurant’s meals.


Customer service is important in any business. You should work with a wholesaler who is available to answer questions and efficient when placing orders. The ordering and delivery process should be transparent. Late or incorrect deliveries could hurt your restaurant if you can no longer offer certain menu items.

Another part of service to consider is the delivery process. Ask how they deliver their bread and at what price. If they only deliver on certain days, it may not be the right fit. You should also consider the time between ordering and deliveries. Since the bread has to be fresh and it’s a perishable item, it’s important to consider how far in advance orders must be placed.


Work with a wholesaler with experience and a proven track record. Check out customer reviews or ask for a referral to find a trustworthy wholesale bakery. If other businesses similar to your own have had a great experience, it’s likely that you will too.

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